Halo: Infinite Box Art Has Initiated All The Nostalgia Boners

And he's correct.  It's working.  Soon it will be real...SIGNAL.  DETECTED.

Hopefully Halo: Infinite takes advantage of every opportunity and brings the franchise back to a premiere for in the world of competitive esports.  You know that guy Ninja?  Yeah, well, he started off as a Halo 3 pro. Even Baker Mayfield credits the franchise for helping his football game and even contemplated becoming a gaming pro:  

So, yeah, It'll be interesting to see how Halo plays out. Until we find out more, can't wait to get the Romper Room back cooking and those Halo boys firing again. Glenny Balls doing his "Jeff D. Loads" while Robbie and Vibbsy gang up on YP's existence for camping/existing is good times had by all.  

Till then, we ride in Verdansk.  

Squad up, commanders.