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Apparently Donald Glover Is Back As Lando For The Upcoming 'Solo' Spinoff Series

I'm on record as a liker of Solo. I went into the movie with very low expectations because I didn't know how I felt about Alden Ehrenreich as the titular character and also because of the frankenstein nature of its production. ICYMI, Chris Lord and Phil Miller (21 Jump Street, Spider-Man into the Spider-Verse) were the original directors of the movie, but left halfway through filming due to creative differences. Apparently writer Lawrence Kasdan (who also wrote 'The Empire Strikes Back' (The best Star Wars movie by any metric),  'Return of the Jedi', and 'Indiana Jones and Raiders of the Lost Ark') was apparently acting as a sort of shadow director, getting way too much control over the project. Ron Howard came in to replace them, and wrapped up the rest of the movie. 

As a note, I don't really have a dog in that fight. Kasdan's writing and steering of George Lucas towards more character development is what helped make Star Wars as great as it was. I don't think he should have been given as much authority as he was (if that was the case), but he's also earned a certain amount of respect in that franchise. That said, Lord and Miller are creative and comedy geniuses that should have never been hired if they weren't going to be given complete creative control. 

So with all these issues, I was sure this was going to be a total mess. However, it really blew away those low expectations and delivered a cool, old school, western-style movie and Ehrenreich was way better than I thought he would be. That is to say that I think he did the best possible version of Han Solo that he was capable of, anyway, because I still don't think he was the right casting. There was definitely some hiccups with the movie, but it left me wanting to see more Star Wars stuff like this. 

I would love to see Glover back as Lando because he was a perfect casting. Smooth, sensual, and slightly weird. Loved it, man. I don't know how exactly this series will look, but I would assume that if they land a name like Glover that he will essentially be the lead. No matter if Ehrenreich is back or if they recast him with someone better, Glover has to be front and center.