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"When You Were Young" Is Better Than "Mr. Brightside"

I said it. Someone had to do it. I prefer The Killers' "When You Were Young" over "Mr. Brightside". 

That's not meant to be a slight to Mr. Brightside. It's an all-timer, and every time it comes on, especially at a bar or live show, you know I'll be belting it out with everyone else. But I think the love for it has become overblown. 

It's hailed as the white person anthem, and I'd agree with that. It's up there with "Don't Stop Believin' (unfortunately), "Africa", and "Livin' On A Prayer". In fact, it's 100% better than all of those in public scenarios. 

Anytime "Don't Stop Believin'' comes on everyone kind of begrudgingly looks at each other and thinks "I guess we're doing this again." 

That's not the case with Mr. Brightside, but I do think it has the potential to trend that way within the next few years at the rate of the memes of "Anytime Mr. Brightside comes on" are accelerating online. "When You Were Young" is the Pippen to "Mr. Brightside's" Jordan. It's the jelly to it's peanut butter. 

To me, it's more diverse than "Mr. Brightside". Give me "When You Were Young" in a car ride, or listening to it while working, or hell even at a bar, too, whereas when I hear "Mr. Brightside" I need to be 10 beers deep singing along with the cover band playing it at the piano bar. 

Just my opinion. 

Boy, did this get The Killers truthers out in full force, too. 


No, that's not it. I know they have other good songs like "Read My Mind", "Smile Like You Mean It", "Somebody Told Me", "All These Things That I've Done", but this isn't what the conversation is about. 

This is one powerhouse vs. the other, and in this instance, give me "When You Were Young" all day.