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Richaun Holmes Admits He Broke NBA Bubble Protcol So He Could Pick Up An Order Of Lemon-Pepper/BBQ Chicken Wings

You may remember the story of Richaun Holmes breaking quarantine: 


But now we know exactly what it was for - an order of chicken wings. Not just any chicken wings, but lemon pepper/bbq mix. That sounds fucking delicious. I don't blame Richaun Holmes at all now for not really understanding the rules of where he could go to pick up food after hearing the order. There are very few things that hit the spot better than chicken wings. If you're craving some wings and they are decent, it's a top-5 hit the spot food. 

I don't even hate that wing flavor. I'm assuming that's a dry rub, which dry rub wings are fantastic. If you have a cajun dry rub on the menu, it's getting ordered. That's just a fact. Give me a spicy garlic, a garlic parm for the mild flavor, a cajun dry rub and a traditional hot buffalo wing. You can't go wrong with that. 

Plus, it's hard to be at Richaun Holmes when he was tricked! 

Oh and it's 100% blue cheese over ranch.