David Pollack Thinks FCS Football Should Move to the Spring Permanently

While college football moving to the spring is not an option until it's the only option for the Power Five, several FCS conferences have already made plans for spring football in lieu of playing in just a few weeks.

ESPN's David Pollack said Tuesday the FCS should consider just moving to a spring season full-time.

"Why don't you pay attention to the FCS as much?" Pollack said. "Because you've got all the big boys playing where people follow the fanbases. How about you give me spring football not just this next year, but from now on?"

This is one of those deals that everybody always talks about in theory that would never work in practice. The MAC plays football games on Tuesday nights — when there is no other football on, similar to Pollack's idea here — and you know who watches them? Nobody.

There won't be any more people clamoring to watch FCS football in February than there are in November. The people who are exclusively watching major conference football in the fall are going to be exclusively watching major conference basketball in the spring.

Also, Pollack seems to forget the fact that many of these teams go play a game for upwards of $1 million every year to go get smacked by a Power Five team and that check largely funds their football program. If those buy games are eliminated, you're eliminating a large portion of FCS programs to begin with.

And then you think about who the big-time FCS powers are: North Dakota State, South Dakota State, Montana, Montana State, Weber State, Northern Iowa, etc. Go visit Missoula, Mont. or Brookings, S.D. in February and then tell me you'd be willing to attend a college football game during that time.

Spring football has been tried and tried again and it has failed every time. This would fail, too. Keep college football in the fall.