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There Goes The Federal Government, Just Covering Up Aliens At Area 51 Again. Giant Hanger Disappears

Even from outside of Area 51 airspace, Zeifman was able to catch a glimpse of the secretive Air Force facility, which has long been the focus of unconfirmed rumors about testing on extraterrestrial technology.

Zeifman's new images, shot in late May and early July, show that a massive new hangar that was under construction in April now appears to have been taken down.

It's possible that the structure was only a temporary frame covered with canvas, intended for short-term use.

The new photos also show what appears to be ongoing construction work moving earth at the southwest corner of the facility.

Just when we think we are getting close to the Government actually telling us the truth about Aliens after the Navy and the Pentagon declassified the UFO tictac off of California video here they go again with their usual bullshit at Area-51. Nothing to see here...just a giant construction project and hangar that may or may not have been used to house UFOs is now gone and moved and they did it while we were all distracted by everything else

That is a video of Air Traffic Control at Area-51 telling the pilot to get lost and then he flew along the border of the no-fly zone and snapped some pics which looked DRASTICALLY different from when he flew over in April. 

I have a question for the government...can you guys just be cool like one time? Nobody ever tells us shit about anything. Classified documents. What happened to Kennedy. What happened to Epstein. Secret Police. Protests. Covid-19. The Federal Reserve. We are in the dark about everything. Give us a crumb. Give us aliens. Just be like "yeah okay, we know they exist. We didn't know how to tell you guys this but since you've handled a pandemic, a celebrity president, 20 straight years of foreign wars, an economic collapse, and global warming we can trust you...aliens are real". Would that be so hard? I feel like we've earned. You be cool, we'll be cool. Nobody will freak out that hard. Just tell the truth. Let me see those aliens and their space ships and let's plan to get everyone on the same page for when they come back like Independence Day.