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Looks Like Mark From "Love Is Blind" Is Doing Just Fine Post Jessica

Remember the "Love Is Blind" era of quarantine? It was only like four months ago, but in pandemic time that feels like four years AT LEAST. 

That crazy shitshow of a show was crazy bingeable mostly for the uncomfortable tension of relationships featured on it like...Mark and Jessica (34). 

Our boy Mark got caught up in trying to be the one who could save Jessica (34) because deep down he seems like a good guy, and in reality he was much younger than Jessica (34). 

She left him at the altar (literally), and he knew he'd bounce back. Welp, one scroll through my IG popular page and I come across none other than Mark himself with another good looking chick, and for a brief second I thought "wait...did him and Jessica (34) get back together? No way. Get outta there, Mark". 

Clicked on it, and saw it looks like he's doing just fine nowadays. One would hope that someone who got the shitty end of a deal in front of millions of people could take his Netflix fame and eligibility as a bachelor and use it to his advantage so good on him for doing so.