I Ordered A Jackhammer!

As you know, I’ve been learning tools since the ole Q began and someone stole my truck. I’ve learned how to use a circular saw, oscillating tool, sander, bandsaw, jigsaw, sawzall, miter saw, and various wrenches.

I’ve built tables, bookshelves, a wood shop, couch, steps, and a porch. Around that porch is a lip of concrete that I need to remove. Now, I could just slam a sledgehammer into it but 1. My back already hurts 2. My cardio is lacking.

For speciality tools, I’ve been told to rent them and that’s usually the best option for crazy tools. HOWEVER, why spend 75 bucks to rent a jackhammer when I found a cheap version for 130 bucks?

Can you imagine the other dads when they casually mention that they need a jackhammer for their honey-do goofin list? 

“What, Rick? You need to RENT a jackhammer? Lol dude just borrow mine. It’s no biggie.”

“You have a jackhammer?”

“I honestly thought everyone did.”

Rick is gonna feel like such a dumbass. 

 lol fuckin Rick 

edit: I know it sounds crazy but I believe in reviews