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Butler's New Puppy Mascot Is Going Through Game Training And It's The Cutest Goddamn Video Ever On Twitter

I don't want to overreact, but this is the cutest goddamn video I've ever seen on Twitter. Blue IV out here getting in game shape for his year as the Butler mascot, proving that mascot life never ends. Just ask Clem - who wants everyone to know that he's NOT the mascot from earlier today. But look at this good boy. He's just out here looking over the famous Hinkle court, knowing what the light touches is his: 

Screen Shot 2020-07-22 at 10.37.39 AM.png

This is the type of offseason content I need to see. I need to see guys getting ready for the season. This is the equivalent of NBA players working out at Lifetime. Mostly give me all the puppy mascots getting in the routine for the season. I need to know how he's getting ready for the pregame bone. He's gotta work on his stride. He's gotta work on his timing too. It's not just what LaVall Jordan will do from the sidelines. No, Blue IV is just as important here. 

I don't know if Blue IV will truly make up for the loss of Kamar Baldwin - one of the most clutch players in the country last year - but I'm not ruling it out. You get a new puppy mascot, that's gotta be worth at least 2 wins.