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There's Never Been A Better Time For The Philadelphia Eagles To Bring Back Terrell Owens

If you look back over the course of human history, there are plenty of moments that we probably could have been better. There are plenty of moments where if we could go back, we'd do it completely different. And looking back on the TO era of the Philadelphia Eagles...yeah, I think we got that one wrong. Terrell Owens wasn't the villain of that team. Terrell Owens wasn't the one who caused it all to fall apart. That was McNabb. And it's not like McNabb got out of Philly with his reputation perfectly intact. He's been crucified in this city as well. But at the time, we hated the wrong guy. 

Let us redeem ourselves, Howie. Do the damn thing and reach out to TO. 

Sure, the man may be 46-years-old. But you also just gave 38-year-old Jason Peters another contract and his body isn't holding up nearly as well as TO's have been. I mean look at this dude. Still jacked. Still fast as fuck. Still able to keep pace with Tyreek Hill. You want to give Carson Wentz speed and weapons? You want to give Jalen Reagor a mentor? You want extra bodies around just in case DeSean Jackson and/or Alshon get hurt again? You want to give everybody who bought an Owens Eagles jersey 16 years ago another opportunity to break those out of the closet AND get all the jersey sales on the new ones? And on top of it all, TO can finally can that Super Bowl ring. A one-year deal. Just as a treat.