We're At The Offseason Point Where Dick Vitale Is Filming Himself Begging For Luka Garza And Xavier Tillman To Come Back To College

This is it. This is peak Dick Vitale. The only thing missing was the random horizontal part of the video where he has no idea what's going on for about 30 seconds before it switches back to vertical. But him ranting for 75 seconds, barely able to hear him to start, only to beg and plead Xavier Tillman and Luka Garza to return to college hoops because that's where they 'develop' is perfection. What's even better is when you remember Dickie V turned into Scoops when he had this report not too long ago: 


Let me be very clear about a few things here. First, yes it would be awesome for Luka Garza and Xavier Tillman to come back to college as a college hoops fan. Luka Garza would be the likely preseason NPOY pick and Xavier Tillman will likely pop up on 2nd Team All-Americans. HOWEVAH, saying you can only develop in college is so goddamn stupid. That's especially true this year when we don't know what sort of season we're going to have - if there's even a season. Believe it or not, you actually develop more when you don't have class or limited hours you're allowed in the gym with coaches and an even better weight room. You know - like professional hoops. 

I also just hate people that demand shit like this. Luka Garza is going to make a shit ton of money overseas if he wants. Xavier Tillman is going to be a late 1st/early 2nd round pick THIS YEAR. Mind you Tillman also has two kids and married so the pro deal could be a little more lucrative than a scholarship and what comes with that. 

So if you really want guys like Garza/Tillman to come back and 'develop' that's where you need NIL to come through. That's how you keep fringe guys like Garza in college another year. The dude would make bank at Iowa next year using his name, image and likeness. That tends to happen when you're on a ranked team and preseason NPOY. So he can say, hey maybe I can make $50,000 at Iowa and play for a Big 10 title/Final Four or play in the G League or Europe. 

And yeah both of these guys are HUGE in terms of team outlook if they come back. You're talking two preseason top-15 teams. Tillman was one of the 5 best defenders in the country last year. Garza is a bucket down low and one of the best scorers in the game. Without them, I don't think Iowa will be ranked, maybe in the last few spots in the top-25. Michigan State likely a top-20 team for me because of how important Tillman is to what they do on defense and his ability to run the high ball screen. 

But let's just stop saying that guys have to come back to college to develop. That's false. Some guys develop in college sure, but you can 100% develop elsewhere. At the same time as a fan, yeah, let's get them back and let them profit. 

PS: Every video with Dick Vitale needs to end with him jumping into a pull in full clothes