Serge Ibaka Cooked Up Some Snake For Kevin Durant

I know hating on Kevin Durant and calling him a snake because he went to GS is the cool thing to do on the internet but I'd be lying if I said I didn't enjoy any and every interview I've ever seen Durant have. Sure he can get sensitive online at times, but guess what, so does every human with an internet connection. At least now he uses his real account to talk shit. That's progress.

So when I came across this video I was excited to see Durant reminisce with an old teammate. Plus Serge Ibaka's show is always pretty good, but right away you could tell the relationship between those is different. This had to have been filmed a while ago because Serge asked Durant about coming back and we've known for some time that he's not playing, but everything else was really interesting to hear. Talking about the Finals, the injury, Steph & Klay, Harden, Westbrook, the OKC tenure, sliding into celebrity DMs, they pretty much covered it all. It's not often we hear Durant be so open and honest about those things so I thought that was pretty cool. It's hard to watch that and not like Durant.

Then we got to the actual snake dish. I can't lie, I'm intrigued by some fried snake. I bet it's not that bad. You heard Ibaka, snakes don't eat snakes and Durant ate snake so he can't be a snake. That's some concrete rationale right there. No idea if that's actually true, maybe there's a Barstool Outdoors episode about that or something, but I'll take Ibaka's word for it.

I know people will hate on Durant basically forever because he didn't join their favorite team, but I say get over it. So he joined the best opportunity to win a title, he then balled out and actually came through. Then he left to start his own shit in BKN. He's clearly starting to become more self aware as evidence by that video, and it's going to be awesome to see him play again.