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12-Year-Old Steals Truck from a Wawa, Leads Police on High-Speed Chase

Over the weekend a 12-year-old boy in Deleware took advantage of a once in a lifetime opportunity when all the stars aligned for him on this one faithful day, outside the holiest of convenience stores, Wawa.  

When the boy spotted a SWEET 2003 red Ford Ranger Pick-up parked, unlocked, and still running outside of his local Wawa, he stood up from the curb, wiped his sandwich grease ridden little chubby fingers on his t-shirt and made a B-line for the truck.  The owner of the truck, still inside the Wawa at the time, wasn't able to stop the tiny thief in the act and called police as he watched his truck leave the lot.  

Later that day, the boy and the truck were spotted outside a local motel, attempting to fulfill the latter half of his Grand Theft Auto fantasy.  Police pulled into the motel lot behind the boy but were somehow outsmarted by a 12-year-old and the boy was able to flee.  Police pursued the truck for about 2 miles before the middle schooler wrecked into a parked car.  Police attempted to stop the boy right there but were outsmarted again when the 12-year-old ripped it in reverse and high tailed it out of there in the opposite direction.  


It wasn't long before the kid wrecked into a guardrail and finally fled on foot.  Being no match for the strides of four grown men, the little legged larcenist was grabbed and promptly taken into police custody.  He was arraigned and released to his guardian on $8,000 bail, but not before racking up a laundry list of charges.  Juvenile Theft of a Motor Vehicle (Felony), Hindering Prosecution (Felony), Disregarding a Police Officer Signal (Felony), Resisting Arrest, Leaving the Scene of Collision, Driving Without a Valid License, Careless Driving, Driving Vehicle at Unreasonable or Imprudent Speed (2 counts), Failure to Stop At a Stop Sign (Hilarious), Failed to remain within a single lane, (2 counts) and Failure to Report a Collision.  

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