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Wake Up With The Beauty Of Ray Allen's Jumpshot

Seeing as how it was just Ray's birthday the other day the NBA put out this video and I can't lie, it's an instant watch for me. Even though Rondo and KG may still hate his guts, I've gone more the Paul Pierce route and gotten over how things ended with Ray and Boston. He's still one of the greatest shooters our eyes have ever seen and his form is picture perfect. Watching Ray Allen take and make threes is an enjoyable experience no matter what team he plays for. It was awesome as a Buck, a Sonic, when he set the record as a Celtic, and when he hit one of the biggest playoff shots ever with the Heat. They all rule.

So why not start your day with something that won't disappoint and get your Wednesday off on the right foot. I just want to say that Ray was much more than just a shooter, he'll dunk on you real quick in his younger days, but there's something poetic about watching that jumper. Straight cash.