Sick Of Being Stuck Working From Your Apartment? Barbados Is Starting Up A Year Long Work From The Beach Program.

CNN - Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley announced at the reopening of a bar that the government will soon introduce a 12-month Barbados Welcome Stamp for visitors working remotely, the government information service said earlier this month.

Rapid testing is not readily available for the country in the coronavirus pandemic, which has made short-term travel to Barbados more difficult, Mottley said. The year-long invitation is Barbados' answer to the economic difficulties travel companies and tourist destinations are facing as people all over the world are encouraged to stay home and mitigate the virus' spread.

"You don't need to work in Europe, or the US or Latin America if you can come here and work for a couple months at a time; go back and come back," Mottley said. "But in order for those things to truly resonate, what does it mean? It means that what we offer has to be world-class and what we continue to offer is world-class."

Love it. This is the kind of forward thinking that gets shit done. 

Your entire country relies almost entirely on tourism? Tourism is basically non-existent due to Covid right now and for the foreseeable future because people are stuck on lockdown working inside their overpriced studio or one-bedroom apartments?

How about launching a marketing campaign inviting people to come work from your beautiful beaches Visa-free for the year?

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(Shoutout Louis Litt fan club)

And they're not only targeting Americans sick of being cooped up, but European's as well.

I wasn't lucky enough to get to study abroad in college. But from everything I heard it sounded like one big 5 month long real life version of Eurotrip. (Extremely underrated film, especially when you're high)

You're not quite sure where the blood clot Barbados is or never heard of it altogether?

Sure you have.

Washington Post - The program has unsurprisingly sparked global interest. Considered from a cramped apartment in London or New York, working remotely on a beach has an appeal even to those who know little about Barbados.

“And those who don’t know Barbados know Rihanna,” Mottley said, alluding to the fact that the international pop star was born on the island.

"Oh you don't know where Barbados is?
It's a small tropical island in the Eastern Carribbean where Rihanna used to stroll the beaches until she got discovered"


Nailed it.

Sex sells baby. 

Especially when you've got a sex-symbol ace up your sleeve like Rihanna. Well played Prime Minister well played.




Or, if sipping Miami vices on golden sand beaches while caramel-skinned girls walk by you isn't your thing you could always go live hermit style like this couple.

CNN - Ten miles north of Tofino, British Columbia, off the west coast of Vancouver Island, Catherine King and Wayne Adams live on a sustainable, floating compound. It's called "Freedom Cove," a labor of love, hand-built using recycled and salvaged materials. It's been their home for the past 29 years.

Freedom Cove is a 25-minute boat ride away from the closest town, and don't even think about hopping in a car. "The only option to get here is by water," Adams says. "There are no road accesses. The water is our highway."

What a dump.