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This "Tonight I'm Gonna Eat The Butt" Song Is A Certified Smash Hit





I said on KFCradio like 2 months ago that ass eating is gonna be TIME’s person of the year and I’ve never felt better about a prediction. It is the RAGE right now. Nicki Minaj singing about it on every damn song she releases, the chick on the new Omarion joint serenading us with “but he gotta eat the booty like groceries,” and now it’s getting YouTube parodies. It’s here, folks. It’s mainstream. If you’re not eating booty then you’re such a prude you might as well be having sex through a sheet. Plus when a girl tells her friends “that’s the guy that ate my butt” their eyebrows are gonna go up every time. Bam, all of a sudden their interest is piqued and you’ve got a bunch of new suitors.