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Jason Alexander Recorded George Costanza's Answering Machine Message For Kat Dennings And I've Never Been So Jealous






Oh come on!  That’s simply not fair.  This should be like back in school where the teacher would say, “If you didn’t bring enough to share then you shouldn’t have it at all.”  If Jason Alexander is gonna record that for Kat Dennings then he should have to do it for everyone. Otherwise delete that recording off Kat’s phone so she isn’t getting special treatment.  That part of Seinfeld makes me laugh no matter what.  It’s a small part but it’s a Top 5 moment for me in the whole show.  The shoulder shrug is unreal.  Gold all the way around.   A good way to weed out people in your life is to show them that scene from Seinfeld.  If they laugh, they can stay.  If they don’t, they’re out.  And maybe punch them in the face.  Seriously though, if I ever run into Jason Alexander (where the fuck am I gonna run into Jason Alexander?) I’m making him record that as my answering machine message.  He has to.  Kat can’t be the only one.


PS- Voice mails suck by the way.  No way you should ever leave one for anybody.  Don’t do it.  People who leave voicemails in 2015 are the worst people in the world and my Dad.  My Dad is cool but all the other people who leave voicemails are fucking assholes.  With all of that said, having a voicemail recording of George Costanza is funny.  Just don’t you dare leave a message once it ends.


Double PS- Kat Dennings is a definite “would” for me by the way.  Like big time.  Just something about her.