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The Houston Astros Had Themselves a Hell of a Time Out There Today

Let's be honest here, the real winners of coronavirus were the Houston Astros. Instead of a 162 game tour of shame and hate, the Astros will skate on by with zero backlash all year long. Any kind of fighting as been banned from the sport in an effort to social distance the players from each other. Corona bailed out the Astros in every way possible. 

The Royals don't get the Astros this year since your own division only plays each other and the opposite division in the other league. This was the only chance they'd get to have a piece of Houston. Were any of these pitches intentional? Who is to say? Altuve and Bregman hit in back to back at bats? Springer a little bit later? Hmmmm....


Oh and just the icing on the cake we got Altuve face planting at home. Ugh, hope he's okay!

Guess no one told him where the plate was ahead of time (drum sound when you land a joke). Why do bad things happen to good people? Just awful. 

Get me to Thursday.