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Trevor Lawrence Responds To Local Baton Rouge Reporter That Said "He Once Again Gave Away A Ring On A Football Field" After His Proposal

As I'm sure you saw over the weekend, Trevor Lawrence got engaged to his long time girlfriend. From high school prom to engagement....true love does exist! 

Of course, college football fans across the country had their fair share of jokes across social medi. All you have to do is look at the replies to this tweet:

Random LSU fan accounts weren't the only ones taking "shots" at Trevor. Enter random local news reporter from Baton Rouge:

Now, I will give this fella credit. When I listened to this clip, I laughed. Great delivery and the context of it being a random news station in Louisiana? Made it even funnier. That being said, Trevor Lawrence had his thoughts as well:

Screen Shot 2020-07-21 at 2.03.22 PM.png

He has since deleted this tweet, which is lame because it was a good tweet and I'm sure somebody at Clemson made him delete it. If that guy takes a shot at Trevor, he should be able to respond no issue! Being an uber-successful 20-year-old kid and having the "grown man" card in your back pocket must be electrifying. Once you use that on a grown man reporting local news in Baton Rouge? It's game over. I'm sure Matt Trent will go on to have a great career and whatnot, but for today? Trevor wins. 

Yes, I do know that I'm the Matt Trent in this situation. That would be an unreal lack of awareness for me to not understand I will eventually get caught in a situation like this one day. However, today? I live to fight another day. Without a future top NFL Draft pick making my life feel meaningless.