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Phillies Minor Leaguer and Life-Long Yankees Fan Logan O'Hoppe Couldn't Wipe The Smile Off His Face Getting An At Bat At Yankee Stadium Last Night

Last night during the Yankees-Phillies exhibition game, Joe Girardi made an awesome move by sending up minor leaguer Logan O'Hoppe for an at bat in the 9th inning. Logan was a 23rd round pick back in 2018 out of high school in West Islip, New York. He grew up a die hard Yankees fan and has been once his whole life. He most likely is still a giant Yankees fan despite his current employer. His pinned tweet is a video of him in The Bronx in 2018 throwing a Manny Machado home run ball back on the field. Nice arm...

Assuming O'Hoppe doesn't keep his fandom a secret, Joe Girardi knew the circumstances and gave the kid his dream. I know you're supposed to play this moment kinda cool, but Logan couldn't help but smile the entire AB. I mean the ENTIRE at bat. Jomboy broke it down here. 

I mean how cool is that? That is fucking awesome. Dude was sitting in stands of Yankee Stadium two years ago sending out tweets like this begging for the Yanks to go get Cole, and now he's here getting in a game. 

What a moment for Logan. I also love that he smiled the whole time and didn't try to play it cool. Fuck it, let your emotions go and soak it all in. Dude got an AB against the Yankees in Yankee Stadium after growing up living and dying on every pitch. I'd do the exact same thing, minus almost hitting a home run of course. I'd probably faint and suffer a heart attack if I were in his spot. The best possible death imaginable.