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The List Of Corporations That Jeff Bezos Is Worth More Than Is STAGGERING


It's not even comprehendible how much money that is. Wake up, put your slippers one...billion. Pour a coffee, another billion. Take your morning dump, there's another two billion. Have a young person's blood pumped into your body, there's another 4 billion. Nobody has dominated the quarantine quite like Bezos. 

The tech tycoon has added $74.4 billion to his wealth so far this year amid a 73 percent surge in Amazon’s stock price. The conglomerate has benefitted from increased demand for online shopping as lockdowns meant to control the COVID-19 pandemic shut consumers in their homes.

74.4 BILLION DOLLARS in 7 months. That's a big number. We all know that. What really puts it into perspective though is the list of ICONIC companies that he can theoretically buy and sell all by himself just by liquidating a few of his shares. 

exxon mobil.png

Nike, ExxonMobil, and McDonalds. Three of the most recognizable brands anywhere on the Earth at any given time in the last 30 years and Bezos can just put them in his back pocket as easily as if he was buying off his ex-wife who gained $4.6B herself just yesterday. It's fucking bananas. You wonder why he's linked to buying AMC Theatres and the Washington R-words and airlines and all of outer space it's because he can. He can buy literally anything. It's incredible. 

PS: How come these billionaires don't just got and buy a country somewhere? Somewhere sweet. A place like Belize or something. Set up the government and the tax policy however you want so you don't have to deal with bullshit? Live out the Atlas Shrugged paradise Galt's Gulch. If the entire planet is going to shit, just start over in a beautiful place where nobody will bother you.