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The Courts at the NBA Bubble Look Like Action Movie Sets

Oh yeah, this thing is going to be sweet.

Imagine all the camera angles we never get to see and all the crazy stuff we have the technology to do but is not logistically possible in an arena with 20,000 people. Well now we have broken free of any constrictions and the NBA is going to have everything you can possibly imagine.

Just look at that set-up. It looks like some sort of game show set. It's definitely going to be a different look for watching NBA basketball, but it seems like they've got that thing packed to the hilt with any sort of technology you can imagine, so I hope the viewing experience from home is enhanced from what it normally would be.

I'm just so glad sports are back. We've got baseball in 48 hours. We have basketball and hockey in a week. I hope these set-ups work as good as they look and everything goes off without a hitch because it looks pretty sweet.

And with the NBA's recent coronavirus results of zero positive tests since the last results on July 13, it seems like everything in the bubble is going really well. Let's hope we get some good basketball.