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Jimmy Butler Loves That Someone Filed A Noise Complaint On Him For Dribbling Late At Night Because It Means People Notice His Work Ethic

So Jimmy Butler 100% called this in on himself, right? I love Jimmy Butler, but no one loves to talk about how hard he works more than Jimmy Butler. That's just what Jimmy Butler does. Now this all stems from this report last week: 


Now do I doubt that he was dribbling a basketball late at night? Absolutely not. Anyone that ever has played hoops and has seen a basketball does the same thing. You start dribbling, shooting into the air and doing practice layups against the ceiling or wall. That's just normal behavior here. But every player in that bubble understands this. That's why I don't believe someone called Jimmy Butler - except for LeBron. He's the one person I could see pulling this move. 

This is why we need a camera on the snitch hotline and security though. I gotta see the security guard's reaction to getting the call that Jimmy Butler is dribbling too much and had to go tell him to calm down like a frustrated dad. Jimmy Butler is so fascinating to me too. With his background of being homeless to working his way up the league and then just his personality. The split with Minnesota plus him not being afraid to go after teammates. He's one of the more fascinating dudes for me. 

Obligatory video: