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Is It Time For The Lacrosse World To Embrace Ankle Socks? The Debate Is Getting Heated

One of the easiest ways to spot a lacrosse player out in the wild is by a pair of white Nike mid-calf socks. And if you're on the beach in the summer, it's the very clear and very aggressive sock tan line. It's been that way since the dawn of time, and was even further cemented into law with the Ultimate Lax Bro video. 

But the thing about time is that as it passes on, things change. People change. Ideas and beliefs change. And perhaps in the 10+ years since the Ultimate Lax Bro video has come out, the thoughts on wearing ankle socks on a lacrosse field being absolute sacrilege have changed as well. If you've got a 1st overall pick in the PLL Draft Grant Ament out here blasting those ankles, then that's a pretty strong endorsement for the brand. 


Now here's the thing--I think there is are some very specific parameters regarding who and when ankle socks can be worn. For starters, it's not a look for the spring season. It's just too damn cold at the beginning of the spring season to be showing that much ankle. This is strictly a look for the summer, whether that be in the pros or during summer tournaments. The thing about the summer is that you spend so much time on the beach or at the lake just developing that tan. You're either walking around barefoot all the time or you've got some Rainbows on. You don't want to crush all the work you've been putting in from May-August by spending a couple hours out in the sun in some mid-calves. No shows get the green light for me from Memorial Day to Labor Day, but a full blown red light outside of those thats. 

But just because its the summer doesn't mean you automatically get to rock ankle socks. It can't be a free for all out there. You need to have the tan to be able to pull the look off. No offense to the fair skinned fellas out there like Tom Schreiber but if your ankles are brighter than the sun, cover them up with some socks. But if you've been basking in the sun and your ankles are the color of a perfectly baked chocolate chip cookie, by all means go ahead and show them off. 

Lastly, you have to have the calves to be able to pull this look off. A guy like Grant Ament can blast those calves whether he's wearing mid-calves or no shows. 

The thing with mid-calves, however, is that I feel like they can be used as a crutch sometimes for guys who don't have rockin' calves. That's not a bad thing at all, that's actually the beauty of the mid-calf. But it's true. So many middle tier calves can get elevated to the upper echelon with a pair of crew socks. But if you've got the goods to have those calves still be rock solid even in a pair of no shows? Well that's when you're truly in an elite category. 

So there you have it. It needs to be between Memorial Day and Labor Day. You have to have a killer tan. And you have to have some killer calves. And you need to check all 3 boxes. As long as all 3 of those are checked, then by all means feel free to blast those ankles. But if you're missing even just one of them, you're a mid-calf 365 days per year for life kinda guy. 

Don't worry, we'll talk more about it on the pod this week.