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Recommended: Oasis - Gas Panic (Live At Wembley Stadium 2000)

"This one's for all the potheads....if you can lift yer fuckin hands up!"

Today marks 20 years since Oasis sold out a double-shot at Wembley Stadium, the first night of which was used for their live album 'Familiar to Millions' - the second night of which we don't talk about - and this performance of 'Gas Panic' has always been a favorite among diehard fans (for good reason), so I'm throwin it out there as today's 'Recommended:' choice.

This was recorded at the peak of Liam and Noel's conflict in 2000, and Noel actually considers it the lowest point in the history of the band, still to this day! That tension bleeds through, tho, and whether he likes it or not, made The Big O what they were. Noel can shit on the 'Familiar to Millions' show all he wants, but I'll always love it.

Pretty crazy aerial view of the gig.....

....and an incredibly NSFW clip from the show can be viewed HERE.

Bonus: 'Live Forever'