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Wake Up With Sam Elliott Reading Taylor Swift Lyrics

We had our Beer snake draft yesterday with Dana and Feits. One of my favorite episodes that we've done. Their picks weren't great, but those two guys are so funny. Listen today if you haven't already.

For my first round pick I took Coors and I mentioned how much I love the can. For my money it's the best looking can you buy

Simple, unique color, the scenery. I even love the nickname of "banquet" beer. That factored into my decision. You know what else did...Sam Elliott. The best voice of all-time narrating those Coors commercials from the 90s. It's burned into my brain. It's a real man's voice. It rattles the dry wall and shakes the foundation. It's smoothed over from years of coors, hard livin, and tobacco. And that voice drinks coors


It also reads Taylor Swift lyrics and makes them sound like something Wyatt Earp would say. 

I could listen to this guy talk about anything. The only problem with this video is that he didn't read lyrics to the entire album. I need Sam Elliott reading "All Too Well" in my life, but in the mean time here is Elliott saying multiple types of beef