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A Game of Thrones Fan Made An Iron Throne Entirely Out Of 1,200 Vintage Video Game Cartridges

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Metro- But games shop owner Adam Bate is such a dedicated fan of the HBO hit that he’s even gone a step further and created his own ‘throne of games’ – built out of retro consoles. Adam – who runs the Cornwall-based Games World Bodmin – made the amazing creation out of over 1,200 vintage cartridges – with games from the NES, SNES, GameBoy and Nintendo N64 all included. And he didn’t forget about Sega either, throwing in classics from the GameGear, MasterSystem and MegaDrive for good measure. In fact a brief look at his handiwork sees the likes of Sonic and Mario represented on the ‘throne’, while Pokemon, Zelda and countless other favourites have put in an appearance. Adam has told local press the venture was ‘a labour of love’ – adding that he was ‘delighted’ with the results. That said, we’re not expecting to see it in series five of the show any time soon…


That’s the nerdiest thing in the history of nerds, right?  I don’t know much about nerd culture, other than what I glean from The Big Bang Theory, but that has to be the nerdiest thing ever.  I’m actually surprised the moment he laid the final console brick to complete his throne the world didn’t fold in on itself because it couldn’t handle that level of nerd fandom.  Although Game of Thrones might not be considered as nerdy now that the show is mainstream and everybody and their mother watches it (fuck you book people.  Get outta my face).  But to build a TV show prop out of vintage video games is INCREDIBLY nerdy.  So nerdy that I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if he becomes the Hugh Hefner of nerds.  Just wears pajamas 24/7 (probably not a change from his current life style) and has nerdy hot chicks around him at all times and fucks them constantly in his nerd mansion/parent’s basement.  Feeding him grapes and fanning him over-sized leaves as he sits atop his video game throne.  Just completely flips the script on everybody.  Being a nerd is for sure “in” right now and this guy is king.  Sitting on his Iron Throne made of old game consoles and slaying more Comic Con groupies than Wilt Chamberlain in his hey day.  It’s good to be king.



PS- You can tell me until you’re blue in the face that his video game throne isn’t cool but I won’t believe you.  Would I want it in my house?  No*.  But if I had the opportunity to sit in it would I?  Of course.  But only after I sprayed it down with bleach because there’s a 1000% chance he jerks off while sitting in it.

*Unless it’s to steal all of the N64 games, then yes.