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Jeff Bezos Added $13 BILLION To His Net Worth Yesterday, But His Wife Was The Real Winner

Oh my goodness. WE GET IT. The sky is blue. The grass is green. And Jeff Bezos is rich. Why are so many news outlets acting like this is a big story? I mean, is $13 billion a lot of money? Yeah, it's not too shabby. I saw that with just yesterdays return, he could buy the Cowboys, Knicks, and Mets and STILL have $2 billion left over. He's now worth about $189 billion total, which is good enough to buy 42 measly, poor ass Bob Krafts. Forty two. He is 42x richer than Bob Kraft, who honestly doesn't even belong in the conversation with his little piggy bank he puts his coin into. More impressively, Bezos is now worth more than the #4 and #5 richest people in the world combined. You may have heard of them. Their names are Mark Zuckerburg (only $93B) and Steve Ballmer (only $76B). You can substitute in impoverished Elon Musk ($74B) too if you want. 

Okay, that's enough slobbering over Jeff Bezos. The dude has filthy amounts of money, and that's simply because I don't know an adjective to use to describe how rich he is. BUT, he worked for it. He gets up early. He has meetings. He comes up with new ideas. He deals with shareholders. Look, you can talk until you're blue in the face about how some people make $10 an hour and Jeff Bezos made like $500,000,000 an hour yesterday, but I'd say he's earned it. He's worked hard for it.

......on the flip side, we have Mackenzie Bezos, ex-wife of Jeff, who does not have to work a day in her life ever again. In fact, yesterday, she added $4.6 billion to her net worth, and she's now the 13th richest person in the entire world.

Makenzie Bezos is now worth $63 billion dollars. That's 10x more than little Jerry Jones and his lemonade stand down in Dallas.

I know the Bezos are divorced and all, but making almost 5 billion in one day by sitting on your butt from work you never even did in the first place? She owes her ex-husband a pat on the backside and a "good work today, Jeff". She's gotta put the updated Bloomberg Billionaire Index on her instagram story. "Moved up to #13 yesterday....hard work pays off!!"

So I guess the question is: who was the real winner yesterday? $13 billion to work or $4.6 billion to not work.