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After Winning Shotgun Contests In The Bubble, Meyers Leonard Said His Hidden Talent Is 'Chugging Beers' Because He's From The Sticks

Meyers Leonard is quickly becoming my favorite player in the league. It's like Boban, Steven Adams and him and I have no idea why I like three massive human beings, but they just don't give a fuck and Boban is hilarious. Plus, they are easily the three guys you probably most want to drink with. We know the backstory here. There's been a shotgun contest in the bubble with Meyers Leonard coming out champion so far. I still stand by that if he goes up against Steven Adams, he'll lose. But he's put on an impressive show so far: 

 But this is what I want. I want dudes like Meyers Leonard hopping on interviews to talk about chugging beers. He's a real life Dana B, just actually good at basketball. Walking around going by the Hammer, means a few things. You need to be a monster, you need to be really good at at least one sport and you gotta chug beers. You also gotta be from the sticks like Leonard. I don't know what that has to do with chugging beers vs more having Coors Light being your beer of choice here, but I love that he's using it as an excuse. I'd assume going to Illinois helped too. I mean look at what Illinois produces: 

Still one of the greatest rants in Internet history. So shout out Meyers 'Hammer' Leonard, a true chugging specialist. Chalk me up to deleting some beers with him. Would love to sit around, chug some cold ones and talk a bunch of shit to people. My kinda guy.