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There Are Two Barstool Employees That Are Currently Professional Athletes Now

Yup. You are looking at the face of a 26 year old that can also look like he is 45 bit now is a professional baseball player. The Jackals want me on full time but I will be figuring out what works out and ill be hit dingers in no time. So it is just Myself and Taylor Lewan who know how the biz is in the big leagues and its a grind. Just keep selling shoes out of a garbage can and yelling at your bird after a gambling loss and you too can become a professional baseball player. The first pitcher I face is throwing 89mph with a dirty slider and I was shitting myself but the shit couldn't stop me from whacking. 

Probably landed 450 ft but whose counting anyways. This life style is tough but you know what I am going to win a championship and bring the New Jersey Jakals fans exactly what they wanted. Just a rat with a bat.