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Dr. Fauci Is Throwing Out The First Pitch At The Nats/Yankees Game On Thursday

I don't think this is a bloggable story but it's the biggest story in sports right now and we are Barstool SPORTS after all so now it's on the website. I really don't have an angle for this sports news besides some people will yell about it, and some people will be cool about it. Yay! Politics and sports combining, just we all love!

Honestly I wasn't going to blog this but Hubbs said he was going to blog it so I was like well fuck, if it's going onto the site anyway I might as well do it. God dammit. I miss when Barstool was just funny. Now the comment section is going to fight about if Dr. Fauci, a leading doctor for like, 100 years, is a fraud or not. Let's just be happy baseball is back. And wear a mask. Because I want football to be back too.