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Footy Mate Calls Ref A "Wee Dick" While Disagreeing With Call

Are you bummed out about having no fans at sports in the near future? Don't worry, I am too. There is a silver lining, though. As we've seen across soccer leagues since their restarts, the mics on the field are picking up some great commentary on the field. 

I'm just a big sucker for English slang. Something just so funny about it. Man was so mad that he called a ref a wee dick. I couldn't even make that up if I tried. Wee dick? What an insult. I will be addressing all of the losers and haters by calling them wee dick wankers in the future. 

It's a shame that some of the feeds will be delayed to make sure that none of the American version of "wee dick" is picked up:


Nobody chirps each other like hockey players. I could listen to hockey players chirp each other for the next 24 hours and not stop laughing.