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Myself and Chief Bought More Horses: Introducing "Smokin' Jay"

If anything good has come from Coronavirus, it's that I've gotten way too into horse racing, and more specifically horse ownership. It's a shit ton of fun following these animals around and even cooler that we get to name them. I say this without embellishment, Smokin' Jay is the coolest name in the history of horse racing. Btw no, he's not dead. He's just sleepy. Take your glue factory jokes and shove em up your ass. 

Also, if you're interested in getting in the thoroughbred ownership game with Barstool Chicago, it's an open invite. The horses were just moved from Gulf Stream back to Arlington and we are tentatively scheduled to have 2 horses racing on the 31st. Our goal is to have a horse running in the Kentucky Derby before Dente does. 

Until then, here are Cutty highlights to wet your whistle.