Dear NHL, Give Us A Live Feed Of The Players Mic'd Up Uncensored, It's Pretty Simple



I wonder what it'll take for a league to offer a completely uncensored feed. We aren't children, we can handle a few f-bombs while we watch sports. And now is the time to embrace it. There's zero fans in the crowd. We've been sports depraved for months. The players are just happy to be out there playing again, so let us hear them. Give the option, at least! You can choose to watch the censored version on TV....



Or the uncensored version on the NHL app or whatever. Make people pay for it and get some extra revenue, might as well. 

Let's stop pretending we all grew up in Footloose. You can see hardcore porn on Twitter, so I think it'll be ok if we hear Stanley Cup Champion Tom Wilson saying "fuck" while pummeling someone into dust. And guess what? Those clips will spread around Twitter like wildfire. People love that stuff! 

So let's go NHL. Give us the best of both worlds. A feed for the children, a feed for the adults. Win-win-win.