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Celebrating Moon Day With Straight Cash Homie

Everywhere you go on twitter right now it's MOON THIS and MOON THAT because we landed on the moon this time in 69

And respectfully so. I understand landing on the moon is a big deal and it would make sense to throw a sticker on July 20th moving forward just to celebrate our rich history.... regardless of how the percentage of conspiracy theorists that want to pretend otherwise. 

Bunch of Benedict Arnold's (post-Saratoga) if you ask me. Elsewhere I'd be remiss if I didn't celebrate the best mooning of my lifetime. In fact if we're calling July 20th Moon Day then it's basically impossible to ignore what Randy Moss did to the humble village of Green Bay on a national broadcast back in the 2004 Wild Card. Some would even call it A DISGUSTING ACT:

Personally, I thought it was awesome then and I think it's awesome now and that's before I've even gotten to the best part of the mooning, and that's the follow up. 

How do you pay these guys? 

Ipso facto I'm now proposing that Moon Day on July 20th officially be renamed Straight Cash Homie Day in honor of the greatest mooning of my life. That's all I want. A boy can dream.