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These Are Truly Groundbreaking Comments From LeBron

Whew. Whoa. WOW. 

You guys get that? 

Just "Bron" keeping it "100". Not LeBron. No, Bleacher Report has that kind of relationship with LeBron. Just in case you've been in a coma since New Years and haven't lived every fucking day realizing that this year has, in fact, been the farthest thing from "normal", Bleacher Report wanted to remind you. 

This isn't even a slam on LeBron. The guy has media obligations and has to say something. Not his fault that outlets like Bleacher Report, ESPN, every NBA account known to man take each of his quotes and turn it into some bullshit like this. 

I'm actually genuinely curious as to whether or not the person making these has a LeBron quota for each week, or hell each day. 


If they were creating their own series or original content around some of these it wouldn't be AS bad but jesus christ it's literally just reposting arbitrary nonsense from LeBron on a daily basis. 

That's how the game works. Engagement and retweets are king and nobody brings them like the King himself. 

But just remember...."Nothing is normal in 2020" - LeBron James - everyone.