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For Future Reference, I'd Appreciate If Chef Donny Packed His Parachute Correctly Before Jumping Out Of A Plane


Me watching that 12 second video from Chef Donny:


Giphy Images.


Look, I've never jumped out of a plane. But to me, based on lots of time spent watching internet videos, it seems like one key piece of equipment when doing so would be the parachute. All my research indicates that besides Travis Pastrana, everyone else has required a parachute to land on the ground. So I went ahead and asked....



To which he answered...



I don't want anyone to take this the wrong way, but I'd appreciate if moving forward Chef Donny packed his parachute "right". Maybe that's my old age showing, but I believe packing a parachute should be a bit higher on his power rankings for pre-jumping out of a plane prep. It should be up there with Kentucky and Kansas in the polls, and he has it somewhere near Oregon and Seton Hall. And do you trust Seton Hall? Didn't think so. So let's work on that parachute thing. Signed, everyone. Well…almost everyone. (IT'S A JOKE, RELAX)