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Truth Be Told, This MotoGP Crash Looks Like It Hurt Like A Bitch

We live in a time and age when people just say a bunch of outlandish shit just to spark outrage and generate clicks that way. You hate it, I hate it, we all hate it. Last thing I'd ever want to become is a hot take artist who has clearly sold their soul like Kellerman or Skip or any of those other jabronis. 

With that being said...

This crash looks like it hurt like a mother fucker. Sorry for the hot take but it's true. Just pure carnage. 

Yeah no thanks. You should be allowed to cry for at least 45 minutes after taking a spill that hard. As if getting launched across the entire track wasn't bad enough, he had to just eat the front wheel when it came spinning back around. Double whammied like you read about. And somehow he's not a dead guy right now. 

What kind of maniac chalks that crash up to "sometimes things don't go your way". These MotoGP guys are all fucked in the head. Which, I mean, thank god for the motorcycles I guess because I don't even want to know what they'd do with that lack of fear if they weren't getting that adrenaline fix through riding.