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Joe Budden needs to fight Gillie in Rough N Rowdy

Episode 70 of Million Dollaz Worth Of Game was titled "Joe Butthead". In the past couple of days Joe Budden and Gillie have been going back and forth. It all started when Joe ranted about Gillie on his podcast. 

If you don't want to waste 15 minutes, I'll break it down for you. 

Over a week ago an old video of Gillie speaking about the black lives matter movement resurfaced and people tried to cancel Gillie. When Gillie saw how pissed people were, he responded to the angry mob. 

Joe Budden watched the old video from four years ago and Gillie's response video and called him a doofus and a coon. For those of you who don't know a coon is a name black people call other black people. It's a meaner way to call someone an Uncle Tom. 

Gillie took time to address the Joe Budden hate on the latest episode of their pod.

Gillie thinks that Joe Budden is just jealous of all of the success of Million Dollaz Worth of game in such a short time. Gillie continued to go on and clown Joe Budden for not owning his own IP. 

It didn't stop there. The two continued to talk shit to each other on instagram. 

I don't think there is another way this beef can be settled unless these two fight. I know a perfect place for it - Rough N Rowdy. Two 40 year old former rappers with real beef taking each other on for most electric boxing company in the world,can you imagine how many PPVs that would sell? I'm not sure when the next Rough N Rowdy is but this HAS to be the main event whenever it returns. 

Listen to MDWOG.