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Does Chirping Need Enforcers? The NHL Is Trying To Censor All The Cursing Out Of The TV Broadcasts Like A Bunch Of Dorks

Oh come the fuck on. 

Listen up, you dorks. You can't have it both ways, okay? It's either you let fans in the barn to drown out all the chirps being tossed around by the boys on the ice, or you have an empty arena but you let a few F-bombs fly on the broadcast. But if you're going to tell us that fans aren't allowed to show up AND you're going to put the game on a delay to cut out the chirps, well then we might as well be living in Soviet Russia or something. It is our rights as humans to be able to hear each and every single chirp during this restart. You can't take away our rights, Gary. You just fucking can't. 

And where does it stop, huh? Where is the line? Is everybody going to have to go full Doaner out there if they don't want to get bleeped out of the broadcast?

I'm sure Mark Scheifele is loving it right now. 

But this is just an egregious overstep of power here. Part of the reason why everybody has been so open to the idea of the playoffs without fans in the arena was just so they could hear all the chirps. If you're going to attempt to take those away from us, you can't just come out and give yourself extra seconds to catch all the cuss words. You can't magically just pull a 5-second delay out of your ass. You should have to work on a 2-second delay and everything you miss? Well tough shit. 

And if you're a parent who is worried about your precious little Tommy hearing a few bad words during a game, then you need to grow up. Plain and simple. Chances are that your little Tommy is an absolute menace on the ice saying a whole bunch of shit you've never even heard before. Total menace.