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You're An Absolute Buffoon If This Randy Staats Assist Doesn't Make You Realize Lacrosse Players Are Elite Athletes

The MLL "season" started this past weekend. Obviously you can't call a week-long tournament an actual season but I don't know what else to call it at this point. Either way, the MLL got going on Saturday and Randy Staats wasted approximately zero time making sure everybody knows he's a grown ass man and is going to be making a mockery out of every defenseman who comes his way. 

Are they putting GIFs in museums yet? Because this one belongs in one. 

He's got Mark Ellis draped all over his back. So he just squats him real quick, bucks him off, and delivers a perfect behind-the-back assist straight to Kyle Jackson's stick. I mean that is horrific defense and I haven't a single idea what Mark Ellis was trying to accomplish there. At the very least, he's committing multiple penalties. At the very worst, he sets himself up to be on the receiving end of one of the best highlights you'll see in lacrosse this summer. He even went back for a quick hug after the ball was already out of Staats' stick. So 50% of this clip is terrible defense. But the other 50% is Randy Staats being a grown ass man and carrying a defender on his back while he delivers a behind-the-back strike of an assist. The elusive double BTB. 

Oh and just for fun, here's Lyle doing Lyle things. 

By the way--PLL Championship Series gets going on Saturday on NBC. MLL Championship is on Sunday on ESPN. Decent weekend ahead of us.