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Wake Up With The Best Offense In Basketball

If someone were to ask you who had the best offense in basketball without looking it up, you'd probably say a team like the Lakers, Clippers, or Bucks. Those wouldn't be outrageous answers as they come in at 4,3, and 6, but they also wouldn't be correct. That answer is the Dallas Mavericks, and by a pretty decent margin. In what has to be the biggest surprises of the season and why people should maybe take the Bubble Mavs a little more seriously, they jumped from 20th last year to 1st this season. Part of that is Luka, I mean the guy is a basketball prodigy, but that's not it. A huge part of what makes this team so tough on that end is Porzingis came back and was the same old dominant Porzingis we saw pre ACL injury.

So how do they do it? Well, they make a shit ton of threes, coming in at 15.3 a night which is just 0.1 behind the league leading HOU. Where they differ from the Rockets though is this team is not living at the line. They are league average in terms of FTM as well as AST. But what they are is the best P&R team in the NBA as well as the 2nd best spot up shooting team. That's the beauty of having someone like Luka. He's deadly in the P&R and then when so much of the defense is focused on him, he has the vision to find his teammates for open spot up looks. 

Their offense wasn't just great for a week or a month, we're talking the #1 offense on the season. Obviously what limits their ceiling in the playoffs is how this team will be able to defend, but if you are a higher seed and you find yourself facing the Mavs in the first round, that in no way is going to be a cakewalk.