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I Am Kindly Asking You To Watch This Man Build A Guitar Out Of A Shelf

I am not a man who is particularly good at craftsmanship. I can put together IKEA furniture and do a basic repair if need be, but I'm no Uncle Chaps. As a result, I assume, I do not consume really any amount of woodworking/craftsmanship based content outside of the occasional super-speedy TikTok, since it is not of particular interest to me. Yesterday, that changed.

The title of this video got me right away. The lack of capitalization leading to a more casual tone, the space before the exclamation point doubling down on this casualness and, most importantly, the man said he built a guitar out of a shelf, which didn't seem particularly possible top me.

Boy was I wrong because this guy built the absolute shit out of a guitar out of, you guessed it, a shelf. That is really all I am going to give you before highly recommending you watch this. Not only was the video impressive from a technical standpoint, it was remarkably soothing. Cannot think of a better way to start your week.