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We Got A Major Brawl In The Taiwan Parliament. Punches And Water Balloons Being Thrown

What are people in Taiwan so angry about that they need to throw down in the middle of a parliamentary vote? I have no idea. I know the captions were explaining some of it, but I couldn't take my eyes off the choas. Old men, women, protestors dressed the Best Buy Geek Squad, ballot boxes being thrown, water was MADNESS and you know what...I am jealous. We never really figured this out in America. We went too hard too early and lost all sense of proper violence. Those assholes Hamilton and Burr ruined it for everyone(I watched Hamilton on Disney+). They just HAD to go and have a duel. Hamilton's dumb ass had to shoot his gun in the air. He just had to fucking die like a little dead bitch. Ever since then we've had no physical altercations between government officials of note. If Hamilton and Burr had just wrestled or thrown water balloons to decide the winner we could've had a much different history. Maybe C-Span wouldn't be the worst channel of all-time. We need just a little threat of violence to get people to tune in. The kind of violence where everyone walks away alive and lives to fight another day. No filibusters. If you're at a impasse the two main combatants just gotta duke it out on the floor of the senate. Rough and Rowdy for term limits. I'd tune into to see McConnell vs Shumer and just pray that they both get knocked unconscious. We need a little good old fashioned problem solving like Taiwan has in spades because I guess this same thing happened three years ago too

And 7 years ago

And probably every few years dating back to the founding of their island. It's beautiful.