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The NBA Is Turning the Bubble Into the Real Life Neighborhood From 2K

With the entirety of the NBA now moved into the league's bubble in Walt Disney World and stuck there for the next few months, everybody is obviously going to need things like barbershops.

Brooklyn Nets assistant coach Tiago Splitter shared a picture of the makeshift pop-up barber the NBA is putting on the property and it led Twitter to note the fact that the bubble is just the real life version of "The Neighborhood" from NBA 2K.

Players like Matisse Thybulle and Javale McGee have been vlogging from the bubble, but there should be a 24-hour live feed from the barbershop and players' lounge and all those places like in Big Brother. We should be able to just pop on whatever website and see what conversation is going down in the barbershop, because the content that would come out of that little pop-up is unbelievable.

And I'm calling right now that LeBron will have people from HBO brought in to film an episode of "The Shop" in this makeshift barbershop at Disney World. Please refer back to this blog when it comes out in a few months.