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What's It Like At Muirfield Village Right Now? Phil Mickelson Just Putted From 78 Yards Out

"I saw that playing out differently in my mind" is such a hilarious thing to say.

Muirfield Village is TREACHEROUS right now. Firm and fast is an understatement. Tucked pins and baked out like a mother fucker = Phil Mickelson pulling his putter from 78 yards away. As he said, it didn't play out the way he thought it would in his mind but it's truly wild out there in Ohio right now. The fact that he would even think about doing that shows how crazy it is right now. They barely put any water on the greens and the heat index is hovering right around 100 degrees so yeah. It's gonna be a very VERY interesting day as the winds start to pick up as the leaders tee off. Hold onto your hats, folks.

By the way this is how you do it, Phil