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We Want To Play

Throwing a blog together and voicing the pressure being put on the NFL by the boys. I'm here for it! STORM THE BEACHES! 

Not surprisingly, the NFL has waited until the last minute to get moving on a lot of issues still up in the air. It's all in the name of business, negotiating, and leverage. They're trying to sit back, wait as long as possible, get the other side reactive, and watch us start dividing, do the work for them, and then bully us to get their way.

NOT TODAY BOYS! Not with President J.C. Tretter leading the squad.

To give everyone an idea of what is happening… The NFL and NFLPA are partners. The two organizations work together, in good faith, to advance our league. I've been on multiple NFLPA conference calls involving hundreds of players and I know that the leadership team has worked tirelessly to address every question, matter, and concern to put together proposals for the NFL to get this ball moving forward. Players on the phone have been GOING AT IT to find answers while we are still waiting on the NFL to address matters from our FIRST proposal. The main topic up that needs to be addressed: health and safety.

Here's some more perspective from JJ Watt:

It's crazy to hear the NFL has yet to address the major health and safety issues with training camp coming up this week. We all want football back! I'm confident we will get there but for that to happen we're going to need more from the big dogs in the front offices.

By the way, S/O the Executive Committee of the NFLPA. Absolute star-studded squad: Sam Acho, Lorenzo Alexander, Calais Campbell, Malcolm Jenkins, Alex Mack, Richard Sherman, Uncle Wesley Woodyard, Thomas Morstead, Michael Thomas, and Ben Watson.

Our leadership is doing a great job of showing unity and using their voices. It's imperative that we stick together on these issues because our solidarity will strengthen our ability to hold the NFL accountable in the future, if necessary. We can't have dumbasses like me just signing a waiver to play ball. Fortunately, we have these guys leading the charge.

The battle is FAR from over, but dammit I'm here for a good war cry and to use my platform to storm the beach with my guys! Ultimately, the NFL’s unwillingness to follow the recommendations of their own experts will jeopardize this season. The boys need the NFL to adjust if we are going to play a full season.

Always and forever,