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Freddie Freeman Prayed 'Please Don't Take Me' During Worst Night of COVID Battle

After returning to Braves Summer Camp upon his coronavirus recovery on Friday, Freddie Freeman spoke with the media Saturday and detailed one night during the virus when his fever got above 104 degrees and he prayed for his life that night.

"Friday night, that was the scariest night for me. I spiked to a 104.5 fever," Freeman said. "I said a little prayer that night because I've never been that hot before. My body was really, really hot. I said, 'Please don't take me.'"

Man, we had heard from his wife Chelsea that Freeman was really sick, but obviously nothing like that had come out until he said it himself. I guess Nick Markakis's comments about opting out of the season after speaking to Freddie on the phone make more sense now.

I can't believe he's already back on the field looking ready to go. It's still unknown if Freeman will be starting at first base when Atlanta opens its 2020 season Friday against the New York Mets, but he looked in fine form in the Braves' intra-squad scrimmage Saturday.

Regardless, I'm just happy he's ok and feeling up to playing baseball again. Against all odds, it looks like he just might be ready to go in a week for this 60-game sprint.