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The Celtics Are Thriving In The Bubble

Chalk this all up to things you just love to see. It's not like we have any actual practice footage to break down and get excited over so this is about the best we have. Heading into the bubble we knew there were basketball things that the Celts were going to have to do in order to make a deep playoff run, but what's unique about the bubble is there's a mental side too. I've said time and time again that I truly think this is such a wide open situation in both conferences whichever team is able to adapt the best to bubble life and stay mentally focused and fresh is going to have an advantage. Sure we're only a few weeks into this but if there's one thing we apparently don't need to worry about is how this team would adjust to the bubble. 

Look at how much fun they are having! There's FOMO and then there's whatever I'm feeling watching these videos. Jayson Tatum is practically going to be on Tour by the time this whole thing is over, we have swimming contests, Tacko playing volleyball and creating a biker squad for lovely strolls around the campus, Marcus is doing Marcus things, it's all great. I have to admit it's a welcome distraction from worrying about Kemba's knee. Someone want to tell me why we still have no word about how his knee responded to that scrimmage where Brad said everyone was going to go hard? I didn't forget about that. 

The best part of these videos? Gordon is nowhere to be found. That means this dude is in his hotel room gaming so hard that by the time the games start he's going to be a 20/6/5 player on 53/41% splits without breaking a sweat. Mark my words.