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Seton Hall's Head Coach Kevin Willard Doesn't Want The College Hoops Season Pushed Back, Comes Up With The Best Plan Yet

[Source] - “I do not agree with pushing it back, because I think we’re missing a window,” the Seton Hall coach, who is part of the Big East COVID-19 Task Force, told The Post. “Every school has said after Thanksgiving there will be no one on campus, so why would we not take advantage of having no one on campus? It’s almost like being in a bubble and being able to have almost no interaction with any of the students. It’s probably the safest time to play.

Willard’s suggestion is playing a conference-only season of 26 or so games in the Big East and starting the season in November. It would take advantage of students being away and also give the league wiggle room if games had to be postponed. The Big East has already moved to playing only conference games in fall sports. The only way Willard would be in favor of non-conference games is if other conferences had similar “strict” testing, safety and travel protocols as the Big East is still in the process of formulating.

Ding, ding, ding. Kevin Willard makes the most sense out of anyone yet. Would a conference only season suck? Sure, it'd be different but we wouldn't have any of those 30 point spreads - which is good news for Duke who is the absolute only team in the nation to lose one of those types of games last year. Essentially just conference tournament games at all times? Sign me up for that vs anything else. 

But why it makes the most sense goes to college kids being dumb. You can't live in a bubble the way the current NCAA guidelines are set up. You can't force kids who are 'student-athletes' to live in a hotel for months like we see in the NBA or even how TBT operated. Although that would be the best - put the conferences in a bubble where they play the conference tournaments and knock out regular season there, conference tournaments and go on to the NCAA Tournament and do the same. 

But back to college kids. When you have all the students on campus you know what's not going to happen? Social distancing. Think about when you were in college - you were a moron. You just wanted to party no matter what. You wanted to go to the bar or go to a house party. So yeah, having as many games played as possible when you have a de facto bubble of just athletes on campus would help get the season done. You build in extra time just in case something happens and you limit travel. 

It's going to be a weird year, so I'm down with coaches exploring every possibility and coming up with different ideas like this to give us a season. That's all I ask. I just want a season.